Corporate and business sector is which, most probably, calls for most specialized private investigations services


We offer services on confidential investigations, prenuptial reports, people tracing, people finding and researches on particular crimes; demands for separation or divorce; problems with urban leases

DEA private detective agency is synonymous with reliability, experience and prestige since 1986. Private investigation services for individuals and companies.

We guarantee confidentiality, experience and professional experts in the investigation area. Our team is composed of professionals graduated in Private Investigation, Criminology, Economics and Law. We also receive the assistance of other professionals such as graphologists, auditors, psychologists and forensic science Experts and technicians.

  • Private investigations for individuals and companies.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Implementation of new technologies. (audio, video, photography, computers, electronics and communications)
  • Professionals qualified by their knowledge and experience.
  • 27 years of experience and prestige.

We plan out each project and continuously inform the client about the investigation progress. Once the investigation is finished, we issue a written report with supporting evidence. We guarantee professional secrecy and absolute confidentiality.

Contact us for your free consultation. Phone: +34 95 2218742 – E-mail: dea@dea-detectives.com.